Weekly Brain Tap: Jonas Michilot

Weekly Brain Tap: Jonas Michilot


This week we caught up with Jonas Michilot. Jonas broke his collarbone in March but still managed to get a full part. Be sure to check it out this August!

So, hello there Jonas... We are just gonna jump right into this.  How was it filming with the Videograss crew this year? It was butt kickin, probably the funnest mix of people to snowboard with i'd say. Who did you film with mostly this season? Nick, Louif, Laurent, Jake OE, Ben, Alex, Jarad, Will, and all my pals back home. So you were along for the first VG trip. We went to Flint. Describe that adventure. Flint was the shithole of America, filled with juggalos and muscle cars, scary crackhead strippers at gas stations, abandoned houses with ice poop, and nowhere to snowboard.


You brought your camera gear on all the trips, what is your setup? Mostly a bunch of over weight cameras, polaroids, medium format stuff, and some extra film. I usually bring more camera stuff than clothes.


What is your favorite photo from this season? What kinda photo you talkin' about? I came up on a Playboy from 1987, and there's a lot of cool ones, its a beach party edition! No, a photo you took dipshit... Theres one from Japan of that old guy on a moped, and I just took a few snapshots of a horse.



Oh yeah, Japan. Tell me a summary of the trip in 2 sentences. Nick had crazy bloody diarhea, and I broke my collarbone. Kazu was our source of entertainment, along with Jacob getting drunk and doing the worm all around Tokyo.


How many times have you broken your collarbone? Japan was my first official time, but it was in a few different places along with a couple of weak ass ribs. Jed Anderson came with us to Japan.  How was it filming with Jed? I know you've muscled through it before. How did you put up with that obnoxious ball of trickery? It's fun boardin with that chump. He is like a frog though...always lands on his feet.  While you're trying to land one trick, he's already landed about 22 of them. He is a rowdy little shit kinda like yourself.  Tell everyone about the house-party we were at where you and your brother served up some knuckle sandwiches. Ahh, I don't know. I think it all started over a stolen fire extinguisher.  Mi hombre and I got mad at the fool, but didn't wanna fight.  They kept egging it on. So all our friends came outside and before I knew it, there was a brawl.  The best part was the ground was solid ice, and everyone was drunk, so we were slipping all over the place trying to act tuff. Jan got involved and threw some people around, all while Larry was slow dancing without a clue.


I have a feeling that won't be your last fight story. Are you hyped on fighting?

Not if I'm in the middle of it, but I did film 2 girls ripping each other's hair out today, that was funny..but fighting is dumb. What about snowboarding...Who is getting you hyped in that field? All my friends, hard to name them all. My brother, sister, Dan, Nick, Jarad, Ricky, Louif, Jed, Larry, Jesse G, Harrison, and too many others. What you up to for the rest of the summer? I gotta get surgery on my shoulder end of June, and I will be healing up for the rest of the summer after that.  But i've still got some time to fit in some fun stuff before I am a cripple. What would be "fun stuff" for you? Camping, fishing, skating, swimming, handstands in the grass, along with cartwheels, climbing trees, anything I guess..What are you doing this summer? Coming to MN? I'm gonna come out for sure! Catch some bass, and fine tune yours and Jake's parts. Yeah, lets catch some fish. And if you want, we can do some fine tuning, but I trust you're style when it comes to movie stuff. Don't let that stop you from coming though. What is in the water there in Minnesota anyways? Marben, Sexton, Ricky, Jake, yourself...  Who is the next snowboarding genius to pop up out of the big MN? There's a bunch of Hyland kids that are awesome and fun to ride with.  Matt Boudreaux, Jack Thonvold, Chad Dalman, Danimals, they all film with our buddy Jake Durham who makes sweet videos. Keep an eye out for these guys. What about Ethan Deiss? He is insanely good. Oh yeah he kicks major butt...Austin Young, Ben Klusterman, Klersy, Frowly, Tom Bush, Grover, Matt Faust, Brandon Larson, Victor Simco, Cody B, ahh this list could go on forever. I bet it could...Thats all for now, any last words? Shoutouts to my pimps and homies, family, my lady girl Rachel, my dog and cat-Chloe and Lefty. Women without toenails, cribbage, yoyos, people at the beach, and caterpillars.