VG Premiere: Portland

VG Premiere: Portland

mainWe decided to jump the gun a bit and have a pre-premiere.  The video being 90ish% done, we figured a little leak would be a good time!  In typical junkshow fashion, the audio sounded like it came from a boom box.  None the less we sold out the venue, and from the noise, it would seem that people enjoyed the video.  Thanks to everyone who showed up!! Special thanks to everyone who came, but was unable to get in. We owe you guys! bigmike

Mikey was rolling with his video camera, sometimes he got us when we weren't ready for it. Maybe look for an edit soon?


Salomon's Java Fernandez and Larry Penguin talking Videograss. Java set up the whole premiere.


Gus Engle and Esthera Preda holding it down for the galaxy. Gus has an amazing part in Think Thank's new movie Cool Story. And Esthera has a cool chick flick coming out, "Peep Show".


The most physically imposing Videograsser, Jan Snarski, came into town and was the life of the night.


Jake Olson-Elm with the new Videograss hat. All you need is an old Video Gangs hat and a sharpie.


Desiree and Lance flirting as usual.


Snowboarder's Kyle Kennedy extended his flight to hang with us for the video. Here he's pretending to hold a grudge, but he loves us: FACT. See that Thrasher shirt? If you were from Quebec, you'd pronounce it, "Trasher".


The ghosts came out for Ben Bilocq's part.


Look at this person on the bottom right, poaching the video with their phone. I guess you'll be seeing VG on youtube soon.


Portland locs; Kevin, Tyler and Jarad who both have appearances, and Austin.


Dirks, Jake Olson-Elm, and Laurent-Nicolas Paquin. Happy little guys.


Dirks and the infamous Cameron Weeg.


Jan Snarski looking oh so sexy.  You too would look green and ready to puke if you were wearing that shirt.