Trip 1. Denver

img_80852 Alex looking like JCVD img_80871 Thicker means Manlier. img_80881 The King is back. img_80891 Nima's going for blogger of the year this year. img_80911 Escalade.  Thats right. img_80922 Nima is feeling the Christmas spirit. img_80931 The hotel had wrapped gifts in our room. img_80961 Keagan trying to run up a cement bank.  Almost. img_81001 Nima pissing the trip away. img_81011 Alex getting shots MJ style. img_81041 Andy and Darrell are having a dirty mustache contest. img_81102 New VG filmer, Hoop Town. img_81161 Melow. img_81071 Nima is really into the "The Twilight Saga's"... img_81081 Andy found the best angle on this. img_81121 Sports fanatics. img_81171 Big Loui made it on the last day. img_81181 Will Lavign came in with Loui and broke our shovels.  Thanks Will! img_81191 When Nima sweats that means he tried his little heart out. img_81201 This was the first time Andy smiled on the trip. It was the last day. img_81211 img_81261 Andy is always getting in my way. img_81301 In the airport parting ways to go home.  Nima was crying i think.