THIRTY TWO T32M 32 team movie. JOC on some major heat in this one!!  We have a team of world renowned riders that have filmed some of the best video parts the world has ever seen. What a better way to celebrate than with you! We have filmed, edited and perfected every second of footage to bring you one big T32M movie filled with 20 minutes of hi jinx, personality, powder slashes, cliff drops and of course the snowy streets. This team is loyal to the steel. Get ready, it's time to let the world know, we're here for another 25 Years of Rider Driven Snowboarding. Featuring; Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Jordan Small, Dylan Alito, Toni Kerkela, Corey Smith, Bode Merrill, Pat Fava, Joey Fava, Johnny O'Connor, Phil Hansen and of course Zeb Powell. With a special appearance from Jeremy Jones! Filmed and edited by: Jeff Hit and Skylar Brent