imgp0542 Will and myself took a road trip out to Super Park.  He slept 90 percent of the way. imgp0540 imgp0549 Met up with the Hakker bro's and our fellow VG filmer Mr. Snarksi. imgp0555 Went out to the bar to watch the big B Ball game.  Will wasn't happy that the Jazz lost. imgp0551 Jan only watches Hockey. imgp0558 Harrison enjoying a Super Sandwich. imgp0559 Jarad looking good. imgp0560 Tyler Verigan was doing some great things at Super Park. imgp0561 Big Lou looking like he wants to give me a knuckle sandwich. imgp0562 Dirks doubling up on protection. imgp0563 Jan just filmed a double cork and couldn't stop smiling the rest of the trip. imgp0556 On the lift getting ready for the amazing rhythm section. imgp0564 Having some fun runs in the park. imgp0565 At the end of the day we went fly fishing and Will didn't want to buy a fishing license so he had to pretend fish. imgp0567 Pete was our fly guide for the day.  Although i guide can't help lance, he went fishless for the day... imgp0569 Tazmanian Breakfast. Coffee, beer, and who knows what is on that computer screen. imgp0570 The old money booter.  this puppy is 105 feet to the knuckle. imgp0576 Will and our buddy Brandon Hammid. imgp0572 imgp0574 imgp0581 If you ever go to Mammoth go to the Pita Pit for lunch.  Good stuff.