Summertime Shenanigans: Big Bear Lake, CA

Summertime Shenanigans: Big Bear Lake, CA

Hopefully if we are on top of it, we can continue this micro-series of good times during the summer. If not, oh well at least there is this one... 1 This past weekend a big chunk of the VG crew went down to Big Bear Lake, CA for the annual summer contest known as Hot Dawgz and Handrails.  Here are some pictures of the pre-game, and afterparty. Sorry no photos from the actual event.  I'm sure if you want action photos there are a million on just about every other site.

benhattipper1 Ben getting a little warmed up.

jakesidJake getting a lot warmed up!

jedskatedeskitchen Jed challenged Laurent to a skate contest in Desiree's kitchen.  Jed's first run was pretty intense...tail drop off the sink!

laurentskatekitchen Laurent wasn't to be outdone.  His run was too gnarly to take pictures of...Lets just say he took home the Gold!

johnnylarrybacaJed got second...Johnny was the announcer and handed out a mellow $4000.  $4gs is chump change for second in a VG kitchen skate contest. No big deal. prankcallsWill, Jed, Louie, Lance, and some prank callers. jed_snotrocket Jed letting out a little turtle oooze. johnny_ben_metalBen Bilocq and Johnny Miller having a metal moment. willbatemanWill "The Master" Bateman partygoersLoading up for a Big Bear dance party...THATS RIGHT! larry_beer Larry called shotgun. benhulkBen and a cup of whiskey.  If there is a dance floor, some hard liquor, and a Ben are guaranteed a show. benwanka Ben likes to use objects to assist his dancing. jake_flopSpring Break Jake got a little too into his nickname. Woooooo! jakesayshiJake Kuzyks flannel covering Ted Borland's face and of course a warm welcome from Jake OE. bradshawchucky Chris Bradshaw was throwing soap water on the dance floor all night. Shit got slippery! joeysoapdance Joe Sexton giving a little slippy soap shuffle. lanceboozeLance loves the Lakers so much he wore his jacket to the bar. cumdumpsters Jed Anderson repping that Cheese Dick Click. partyjedThe End.  See you next weekend. Alex Cantin sent me a bunch of photos from the previous weekend.  We will do a little backtracking, then maybe Snarski will party it up as he usually does and remember to take some photos.  Also, Darrell just got back from a long trip in Europe...maybe he has some photos...Anyways, check back soon fools!