Smog Lake City

The day started off with some teamwork & was actually somewhat nice outside. But that didn't last very long.. You can barely see the mountains! Grenier & Chris Carr performing their ritual Salomon team stretch. Butters came through with that 2nd angle in the Celtics jacket. Grenier landed his trick then decided to send a backie over the SLC library while Carr battled his trick. Granger, now supplying Bob Plumb with his flash power. Dark, disgusting, wet, slushy soup, last try, Ted Lavoie, stomped. Look at the particles in the air.. gross. Truck de Grendys unfortunately suffered a bite from the rubber snake.. watch out for those things! Bundy showed up to do some BLOGGING & brag about the burger he just ate while I was breathing garbage air for 4 hours. That's all from here though. Au revoir SLC.