Rome: Steal This Banner – Canadian Edition

              LIBERTINE STEAL THIS BANNER – LIBERTINE PUREFLEX – CANADIAN EDITION January 5th 2011 This edition of Steal This Banner will be going on in Canada.  We’ll be putting up banners in the Vancouver area, the Saint-Sauveur area, and in Milton, Ontario. All you have to is spot the banner, steal the banner, and email the info on the back and we’ll get a new pair of Libertine boots with PureFlex lacing out to you.  Now, not all banners are created equal.  The winning banner will have the appropriate info written on the back.  So heading to your local shop and stealing their Rome banner, won’t get you anything free, except maybe a free beating from your local shop guy. Yeah Canada’s a pretty big place, and three banners up randomly would be a hell of an Easter egg hunt, so check back on the Rome site in day or two and we’ll have an updated post with photo hints of where they’re at. For more news and Rome SDS happenings keep an eye on, and