Pre Party

We got a big party coming up tonight at the rail gardens, so we decided to pre party at another zone. Alex Andrews coming through with a box full of coffee and a bag full of bagels. I think Bennee borrowed this hat from Grenier. Looks like the one he uses while male modeling? Chris taking some chunks out of his new Salomon deck. Chris taking some chunks out of his new a-nooose. Bob downloaded that new "hands free" app, and now he shoots photos with his mind. Will had a little something up his sleeve for Lance/Mike/Nima. Johnny was there breathing in smoke from a cowboy style hand rolled cigarette. Then he preceded to slide this "z" shaped flat bar for the entire day while everyone else was filming. Jon logged himself another clip! Check out them Wayward deals. New thing coming soon from Jon and Jordan.
Gapping to rails hasn't worked out so well for Jon this year. 2 broken boards before December....I'd say he's going for it. Thats all, see you tonight at the RG's.