Pirate’s ArtBOOK Show

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/18149279[/vimeo] This clip is about our first Pirate ArtBOOK Show in Innsbruck. The remarkable location is called “Bäckerei” and is as variable as the PirateProject! Listen to Ludschi, Lukas Goller and Björn Hartweger, who explain a bid about what this show, the PirateArtBook and the isolationCamp 2010 was about. This artShow contained the work of following minds: Lukas Goller, Maggo Graf, Carlos Blanchard, Danny Larsen, MrPapriko, Christo Daoulkas, Blotto, Ludschi, Björn Hartweger, Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Claudia Marclay, Gallileo Sioni, Julia Geissler, Flo Eckhardt, Matthias Egle, Rafael Ludescher, Torben Krüger (ZiP 6020) The song is called “Rainy Days” and was recorded at the isolationCamp in Furx, Austria. Copy left, feel free to spread it! Filmed & edited by Clemens Prankl for PirateMovieProduction.