VG Party at The Gardens 2 is a done deal. Thanks to everyone who showed up. Look for the video to drop with the new VG site on January 1st. Meanwhile heres some pics from the night. Some peeps hanging before the lights got juiced. Monster Energy's very own Big Evan in the house! Chris Grenier made these smooth ass steel awards for the night. Chris Bradshaw in effect. Check out that In N Out tray he came up on. Johnny filmed his 32 Day In The Life today. This looks to be the end of the day and going on into the night. Justin Bennee dropping a power move and getting some pizzas for everyone. E-stone in the house with that Coors Light. Zak Hale back tail. No party in SLC is complete without DJ Matty Mo. Scratchin them rails rather then vinyl tonight. Generator ran out of gas half way through. Kent saved the night...Fuck yea Kent! Lucas Magoon and Chris Grenier thumb wrestling? All said and done Brandon "The Burning Bush" Hobush taking home the 2nd place. Lucas Magoon taking that numba 1 stunna spot! Kid is on some next level shit. Watch out for his T9 part this year, him and Bradshaw are in town filming so you know things are going down. Who else would win the dick award? Larry mo' fuckin Penguin. We will hit you guys with the edit come January 1st. Until then, keep on keepin on.