Nike Greasebus Tour: Day 1

scrapers Here we are on day 1 of the Nike Greasebus tour and its far from greasy. Keeping it Eco...The crew for day 1 is El Capitan-Mike Parziale at the wheel, and the shipmates consist of a shit storm of humans that include: Justin Bennee, Eric Jackson, Gigi Ruff, Laura Hadar, Austin Smith, Johnny Paxson, Annie Boulanger, Bobby Meeks, and all kinds of media men. As long as the internet isn't too spotty, we will keep you updated. justinroomtricks Hotel room tailjock nosegrab. austinpocketpoolAustin playing pocket pool on a chair in the middle of a parking lot. bunsonBennee praying for a crow turd in the base area of Alpine Meadows. standardheli1Standard Films was there putting in work. They got this insane remote control helicam thing going on. Next level helicopter filming skier filming Jonas Carlson. evancmon1 Bennee found this crazy 3D toxic dragon scratch. Hey Evan...First hit's free! gigitree2tree As the sun went down we hit this tree to tree transfer. This is Gigi getting wicked. austinAustin Smith looking sour.