MSP.  That's wassup

MSP. That's wassup

img_8162 Jordan, starting the trip off strong. img_8185 Two face Tuddenham. img_8168 I think Jonas was doing a cryp walk. img_8188 Cool-ey-O img_8203 Jordan, warming up his ski jump. img_8218 A standard case of the mop eyes. img_8235 Will had just gotten done taking care of some business. img_8217 Guess who? img_8237 Will got some Mac and Cheese that Jon wanted to try while he was in the bathroom. img_8239 I made a $15 bet with Spilly Willy that he couldn't go the trip without spilling. img_8241 Will lost that bet. img_8245 img_8248 That cookie is the size of his head. img_8251 Will got punched in the eye at a bare knuckle boxing match. img_8166 photo2 Ate dinner with Jake OE the last night we were there, he took his jacket off and happened to be wearing a VG shirt.  I tried taking it back but he gave up a good fight. photo3 We will end this post on Jonas.