The other day VG stopped by the Transworld office to say hello to good pal Joe Carlino. We talked him into giving us a little sneak peak of "Get Real"

I can pretty much say we were all blown away!  My mind is being overloaded trying to replay the parts in my head...Chris Grenier, Pat McCarthy, Jed Anderson, Scott Stevens, Sammy Luebke, Kyle Clancy, Devun Walsh, its fucking nuts man....  Kids are going to freak the fuck out on Chris, Scott, and Jed's shit.  Grendy's has one of my favorite parts I've seen in a long long time.  Scott has been sprayin all winter that he got hurt and his part wasn't 100%, but he is full of shit....his part is epic!!! I don't know what to say about Jed, maybe the fact that his part is nonstop hammers just leaves me with nothing to say? Joe, Greg, and Gary have outdone themselves 10 fold. Aside from the riding, this shit looks more professional than any snowboard video I have ever seen. Maybe Joe just has a magic monitor, but it looked sooo crisp.  "Get Real" is a must have guaranteed.


Mike Hakker, Myself, and Liam getting the first time leak!