Few laps at Brighton

Eddie Grams just sent me these pics from today. Him, Alex Andrews, Ted Borland, and Chris Grenier went up for some pow at Brighton! Eddie didn't send me captions so I will improvise. Alex Andrews rockin' that Analog gear, turning that logo into a VG kinda.. GV, good enough.  Ted Borland there in the middle lookin' mysterious. Grenier in the 32 jacket and Tanner Hall on the skies. Tits deep! An avalanche bomb was under the snow that never went off. Alex slapped one up on the detonator and launched sky high. He meant to do it. Grenier is NOT doing a front flip here...He slipped on a banana peel. Check out that new 2012 Salomon board. I was there when he designed that graphic...no big deal. .            Alex is working on his Tanner Hall dread locks.