Couple Spots in SLC

Bright and early is the name of the game lately. Andy joining us today for some snaps. Getting a Larry up this early requires "Bodacious Bean" coffee. Sean got down on that other angle. If you look closely in the background you can see the first spot we hit today. Couple shots in the bag and hit that Molca Jam! Chris is down for that Molca California burrito. Second spot today was a sit and waiter. Some skier homies were slapping up all kinds of ski slide hoppy changers when we rolled up. We waited about an hour for them to finish skiing. Long enough for Laurent's eyebrows to grow a bit. Grenier and Brewster holding down the waiting game. Laurent with a 5050, FT in a purple kids hat. Thats all for today, check out that ride out track! SHAZAAAAMMM!!!