Ball Til' You Fall

Laurent bumping some shit on Bennee's Muska ghetto blaster. Gotta get that potassium in the veins. Bennee loves bananas... Laurent had like 30 layers on today, he got skinnier as the day went on. Grenier is seconds away from letting out that patented laugh of his. Deadlung rolling up an American Spirit tobacco product. Smoking is no longer cool as is, nowadays you gotta roll your own. How many idiots does it take to shovel a spot? Only one in this case, because the rest of us forgot to bring shovels...its too early for this shit. Close up(no homo) of that Larry signature Holden pant... Go buy yourself a pair of these snowpants! If Laurent were a pirate back in the day, they would have called him Redbeard. Checking the stability. We ended our night at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. If you look closely you can see exactly why Deadlung is now wanting to date Mormon girls.