Another Day of Nothing

We went out with Gary Tyler today as well as yesterday to try and film a "Crewzin" for Snowboarder Mag...Two days in a row of trying to make this soupy mess of snow work. Its melting fast...Nothings working. Pre-session Hammer drop claims. Seriously this is the situation we are working with. Probably a sign we need to get on a trip. Larry and Gus posing for their album cover. Their band is called "Live and Uncut" in reference to them both being uncut. Driving home for the day. Stopped off by Spencer's house to drop off Gary. Spencer killed himself a couple water buffalo and is now prepping the hide. The bucket of fat scrapings from the hide. YUM! Wondering if we will get a shot tomorrow? Its a coin toss....HEADS?...... ......or TAILS?