Alaska Already: Day 2

Day 2 starting with a mellow Gus Box session. The sun is pretty much setting all day long up here. Jon feeling out the dangerous Gus Box. Jon hasn't had the best of luck with this thing. Check out Gus' new garage halfway built in the background of Jon's bs18o. Big Air Bennee. Bob enjoying the box seats. Pun intended. The Devil has been haunting my dreams lately. Leave the cat alone Lucifer. Mandatory stop at Taco King aka Anus Sting. That sunset again...2 hours later. Getting ready to walk 20 minutes into nature. That snow is more like cement. BULLETPROOF Leaving the scene via the scenic route. Bear country right here. Portage Glacier has been on a steady melt. Scientist recently discovered this melt has been caused by Gus piss. "Take me to the spot"