Weeklyish Brain Tap: Laurent-Nicolas Paquin aka LNP aka Larry Penguin

June 28, 2009
Posted 28 June 2009   Blog

larrybraintapHow was it filming with Videograss this year? Was it hard to work with all the dollys, cranes, rocket packs and helicopter followcams?

Heli and rocket packs where always a little hard…fixing the crane was shitty too…The hard part was trying to find a really cool looking tree or wall to ruin things in the middle of the shot. Haha, but no bullshit VG is the best…smooth, no stress…amazing filmers and photodudes and riders….just a good time!

You got to film with a bunch of your friends this year. Was it like old times with you, Alex, Louie, and Ben?

Yeah dude…it was amazing…and add dudes like little dirksy, Jonny Michilot, Spring Break Jake, Bennee, Darrell…and everybody else…just made it one of my best winters filming, no doubt.


So you filmed with Dirks a bit too, how is it wrecking cities with that little shithead? You guys get into any trouble or fights?

I’m the kinda of dude that is paranoid a lot…so being with Dirks and Jonas made me freak out sometimes…since Dirks and Jonas have the “I don’t really give a fuck attitude” it was always a crazy adventure…Dirks can be really loose and tell people to shut the fuck up…I saw a giant dude just shut up cause Nick told him to..which is pretty sick haha


Nick sure is a feisty one.  Did he stand a chance against you at the Rail gardens game of skate or were you just playing with him?

He didn’t have his own board…he could have won for sure…it was crazy icey in the landing and we know how Dirks dont give a fuck to fall or get hurt…I was kinda skecthed out about that….With his board he could have killed me…I did the last trick cause I knew he couldn’t do it hahaha

You like beer a lot.  Would you consider yourself and alcoholic?

That’s a tough one…I don’t know? I’m kinda scared about that actually. I don’t want to become one..maybe I am….let’s just say I like beer…I know my dad comes to the VG website…so if you read that Dad..I’m not an alcoholic, I just like beer haha



Remember that weird photo of you with the Mexican Wrestler mask and your hairy chest hanging out.. Didnt your pops see that?

Yeah he was kinda bummed on that one and the one of Louif and me and our asses…He doesn’t want me to look like an idiot on the world wide web…He’s super cool tough…super mellow.


You and Louif went to Japan this year, how was that trip?

Amazing…so crazy…everything is different and it’s a new experience every day…Bode(Merril), Josh(Dirksen), and Chris(Grenier) where there too…those dudes are super cool…..and Java is funny as hell man! Trip was awesome…Thanks Java!

You got to ride some powder, whats your thoughts on pow?

Pow is awesome if you ride it, but not to film…filming in powder is a pain in the ass for me since I suck at it…but just riding in 5 feet of pow for fun was amazing…sooo fun.



Fun to get out of your element a bit I bet, So just hitting rails how much do you get paid?

You can’t ask this question…hahaha….Rome gave me a dog, three bananas and a couch every month.

Nice!  Remember that rail you shit your pants on. Lets hear about that a little more..

hahahaha… That morning I drank too much coffé and ate a patato salad called devil’ salald…anyways I butt checked super hard and shat my pants…my part starts with that and everybody will think I’m a sketchy shit smelling kid…fuck!

Shit happens, literally…So what was your favorite trip of the winter and why?

I think there were too many good trips, the first one was sick cause we didn’t know each other! and it was sketchy and shit…remember how scared I was…I’m such a pussy it’s crazy hahaha

Hahaha, remember that first spot we went to get beer?

Jesus! Dude….the chick that asked for some coin and we all said no, then you tapped Jonas’ pocket and it made a crazy coin sound…so he HAD to give her like a dollar or so hahahahaha…and she didn’t say anything like thanks or anything…and the dude asked us if she stole a beer…and her boyfriend or dude with her was a juggalo…Fuck!  She was pretty fucked up trying to buy beer and finally couldn’t cause she didn’t have enough money, screaming and all that.

Yea that trip was crazy.  What can kids expect from your part this year? You get all 4 1080’s? Any double corks?

hahahaha yeah right…Kids should expect good clean snowboarding and nothing too crazy…I had a lot of fun and did bunch of tricks….HATERS should expect a lot to hate on…how I’m dressed, no big tricks, stupid lifestyles, how i’m dressed and how I’m dressed hahahaha

You gonna get a smooth skate bonus or what?

I’d like too for sure, that would be sweet, but I gotta film a bunch more.


So whos part are you looking forward to most when all the videos start dropping?

This is a hard one… dudes like Darrel and Bennee…dudes that I didn’t ride with that much…Ben and Alex did some cool backcountry shit so I look foward to enjoy those parts. LOUIF!  Joey Sexton, Kooley, Will Thunderstruck, Jed, and huuuum….My friend PJ in Will Demers movie “Time is now”…..Frank April, Young Jay…all my buddies from Québec are gonna be in Will’s movie…it’s gonna be sick…buy it!

What about skateboarding, what video parts?

woah! Lots of videos…..like, have you seen the deathwish summer tour video?!…those guys are really fucking good and beyond crazy ahahha….the nike sb debacle is pretty good actually really good…I saw Powell Fun…movies is crazy too.

Skiblades, what video parts?

hahaha you’re an  idiot…I have to go take a shower…it’s been a while


Any last words to the haters or thanks to anyone?

Thanks to VG, Rome, Mikey at Holden, 5-0 boardshop cause they gave me a deal on skate shoes….control skates….RVCA, Ashbury, anybody that helped me…thats stupid like everybody’s last words though….Friends, Familly, haters, and everybody out there have fun and enjoy your summer…Girls, call me hahahaha!