Toshiki Death

Posted by: justin on November 16, 2020    Categories: Videos

Loving the vibes in this one.


Bataleon Snowboards Presents – ‘Toshiki Death’ – a film by Tom Gan-or

Last winter, Tom Gan-or traveled to Japan without a clear plan to film with Toshiki Yamane. They spent their days in the open and inspiring landscapes of Hokkaido with the Fight For Liberty crew, until the global pandemic cut their trip short. Once home in Tel Aviv, Tom began to question the time he spent with Toshiki, which led him to ask a series of honest questions regarding Toshiki’s life. This movie is a deep and vulnerable peak into the mind of Toshiki Yamane, an enigma in the snowboard world.

Riders Toshiki Yamane, Yosuke Akiyama, Daisuke Watanabe, Yuri Okubo, Yutaro Miyazawa, Ayumu Nedefuji

Script Jason Danino Holt

Edit Tom Gan-or

Sound Design & Original Music BĘÃTFÓØT

Motion & Design Anat Gutberg

Videography Tom Gan-or, Masakado Kinoshita, Andreas Monsberger (Monepic)

Drone Kazuhiro Morishima, Andreas Monsberger (Monepic)

Translation Motoko Sugase Daniel Lederman

Sponsors Bataleon Snowboards Dakine