Toni Kerkelä Pro for ROME

Posted by: justin on October 09, 2015    Categories: Videos

Hyped our boy Toni K is now pro for Rome! Good stuff. Watch some leaks from him this year and check out his part in ThirtyTwo’s 2032!!!

“It was only a matter of time…
Multiple video parts per season, discovering countless street spots, a relentless pursuit of stacking footage, precise and proper style… This list could go on and on but the fact is, Toni Kerkelä stands apart season after season. A true student of snowboarding, Toni’s appetite for riding and getting shit done is insatiable.
The moment Toni straps in, it’s on! Don’t be surprised if he bags a trick first try. With an undeniable passion and talent, Toni is clean, consistent and technical. So after a few years of stacking multiple video parts each year, we decided it was time to put T-Kerks on the pro team.”