Rewind Salt Lake City: EP 4

Posted by: justin on February 16, 2019    Categories: Videos

We are honored to be involved in some SLC history. check out this series from John Cavan, Joel Muzzy, TWS, and Ski City.

Rewind Salt Lake City: Episode 4, Video Days, documents the rise of video crews and production in the Salt Lake Region, leading with Mack Dawg, Whitey, and Kingpin, then quickly followed by F.OD.T, Kids Know, and more. Get the inside story from the people who were there to live in, including Andy Wright, Chris Grenier, Seth Huot, Jeremy Jones, E Stone, Cole Taylor, and more. Rewind: Salt Lake City was produced in partnership with Ski City.

Original music by Zac Marben, Kelp Forest, and The Boilers.