quick trip

Posted by: justin on January 06, 2013    Categories: Blog

Took a quick road trip with Myself, Sam, Danimals, Keep The Change’s Cody Beiersdorf and Austin Young, and Jake OE came to meet us fresh off another trip.

Danimals classic pose.

Sam helping Dan stretch before the spot. Teamwork.

It was time to pull the bungee so Dan was hiding from Austin ninja turtle style.

Being a true boss, Andy Wright came and met us for 1 day he had free in between trips to hop some fences and get some hammer photos.

Jake got this blue Quiksilver jacket to match his hair. Or was it the other way around?

Don’t ever watch a Packers playoff game with Sam Fenton especially if they’re playing the team from your state. No friends on playoff days.

David Gonzalez is possessed to skate, Jake is just possessed.