Minni-chode-uh 2

Posted by: justin on December 21, 2012    Categories: Blog

We woke up to rain. Damn smoking monkey!

This guy smokes like a chimney.

Slimey green smoking chimper and Jonas

What better way to spend a rain day than smuggling a jar of moonshine into The Hobbit 3D! #eatthecherries

That night we ran into the KTC/VG crew. Keep The Change posse is making the second VG flick this year and its going to be amazing!!!

Colton Feldman behind the lens. This is just as he filmed a stylish move by Mike Rav FYI.

Greg Furey! Austin Young(new recruit to the KTC/VG crew) threw his board into the bushes only to find out Greg was getting a sneaky bush angle and in the end Greg ended up with a head vagina.

Mike Rav and Gus Engle.

Sam Taxwood aka Staxwood aka Lick The Cat’s Butthole. He’s HYPED! on his Nitro and filming for the new KTC/VG project!

Thats all from Minnesota. It rained, we left. Done deal.