Minne-chode-uh 1

December 16, 2012
Posted 16 December 2012   Blog

Jonas and Gus here to play in the snow. Jonas’ bus is pretty damn stylish.

El Capitan! aka Johnny Cheeto.

Couple of talented gentlemen right here.

The cat napper.

Jake OE is too damn cool to have a hood.

Jake’s dashboard.

Jake and the Danimals cruisin’.

We watched a little Purple Rain the night before and decided to prove ourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.  Gus gave it a whirl but the ice held up.

Johnny Cheeto lacing up a front board on Lake Minnetonka.

After Jonas wizzed by the ice cracked. Come to find out it was only 2 inches think we probably shouldn’t have been on it.

Gus waiting for some ice to start breaking.

Justin Fronius and Gus Engle. Look out for these 2.