MarkAss Mondays Best Of: Part 1

Posted by: justin on April 11, 2011    Categories: Videos

EP1- Good ol’ maurk-ass Mark Reznikov will be bringing you that VG exclusive weekly Bear Mountain action from here on out. Be prepared because this edit is about to scortch your shorts. Chad Tarbell, Ryan Tarbell, Daniel Brown, Chris Bradshaw, Lucas Magoon, Justin Mulford, and Willie Will Bateman. FIRE!

EP2- This week on Markass Mondays…Daniel Brown lights up Bear and pulls some babes. Chad Tarbell gets drunk, Bradshaw deals with some skiers, and Magoon tears the bear a new furry anus. Bunch of other homies in there.

Ep3- Things are heating up down in Big Bear. Don’t sleep on this one. Watch it or DIE!

Ep4- This week we got Lance Hakker, Nima Jalali, Mike Hakker, Chad Tarbell, and Anthony Mazzotti. Ask Lindsay LoHAAAN!

Ep5- This week Markass and the gang raped and pillaged a little gas tank down in Arrowbear. We got Chris Bradshaw, Lucas Magoon, Chad Tarbell, Anthony Mazzotti, Justin Mulford, and Daniel Brown.