KTC Mass/Canada

January 21, 2013
Posted 21 January 2013   Blog
We started our Mass trip off with a stop at Eastern Boarder Worcester to tune up.
Rav’s dog Gabby is a bed wetter. If you dont know about Gabby, watch the video below.
YouTube Preview Image
This Spot Sucks
We went to Subliminal Skatepark for a night sesh. Dylan Dragotta is pretty good at skateboarding as well.

After Mass some of us took a quick trip up to Quebec. Mark Wilson and Johnny O’Connor copped some new gear at our first pit stop in Canada.


We stopped in at Harry Hagans new pad in Quebec City. Shits ballin. He hasn’t learned any french yet.


Our friend Jasper came along for the trip.


Cody, Jasper, Johnny. Mark, and Derrek shared some insight with our homie Ghandi.


Our hotel had a mean continental breakfast.

Thats all folks