KTC Christmas Update!!

Posted by: justin on December 25, 2012    Categories: Blog

Merry Xmas everyone!! Here are some photos I’ve saved up from our travels the past few weeks.

Dyl9 made a few friends for his Burton hat at a pit stop on the way to Minnesota. He will soon be putting on a steez clinic to show you how to wear these badboys


It was a pretty comfortable 24 hour drive…


We got off the wrong exit in Chicago and stopped at a sketchy pizza joint. We had to pay through a bulletproof window. It was sketchy.


We finally got to MN and met up with Cody Beiersdorf and Austin Young. These two are filming for our video this year so watch out for them.¬†They’re the shit!!


Our hotel was right next to walmart. Look out for Dyl9 on Peopleofwalmart.com He fits in perfect.


Mesa Pizza is the best pizza joint in Minneapolis. They put pasta on the pizza. Its insane.


Every single Home Depot was sold out of shovels…


However they still had wheels on a peice of wood in stock. Dylan and Cody were down.


Dylan wanted to have a fashion show to show off his new hat stee


Sam Taxwood decided to join in as well.


Greg Furey took a break from shooting photos to release a mean turtlehead. You can kinda see it in the snow check it out.


What a crew. L to R: Mark Wilson, Greg Furey, Sam Taxwood, Cody Beiersdorf, Dylan Dragotta, Austin Young, Colton Feldman, Rob Balding. Not pictured: Mike Ravelson.

After a long drive back to the east coast, a few of us sent it up to Quebec City for a couple days. Johnny O’Connor is happy to be back at it. Good thing he has those ThirtyTwo gloves to keep his hands warm while he shovels.

Sorry for the low quality cell phone photos. Until next time. Merry Christmas!!