KBR at Levi

Posted by: justin on January 17, 2014    Categories: Videos

Fresh edit from our friends at KBR. Check it out!

We headed over to Finnish Lapland to a resort called Levi and we had a blast. We saw the most beautiful sunsets and a bunch of reindeers. The days were only 2 hours long because of the polar night in Lapland. The weather changed during the week from heavy snowstorms to almost -30 celsius degree sunny days. But we were out there every day. Enjoy our video of the trip!

The song in this edit is performed by The Heavy Eyes and it’s called “Maggie”. KBR is a huge fan of the band. If you’re also into this kind of music make sure to visit their website¬†theheavyeyesmemphis.bandcamp.com. They’re also on Instagram (@theheayvyeyes) and Facebook (facebook.com/theheavyeyes).

Snowboarding by Jani Sorasalmi, Petrus Koskinen, Elias Veijola, Niko Lansio & Antti Jussila.

Filmed by Notorious Gus Tible.