FELIxx Vol 0.5

Posted by: justin on February 13, 2016    Categories: Videos

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Between all the buddies. When the party is crackin?! “ITS A FELIXX” so I figured why not keep the party LIT by making these “FELIxx” edits of not just one thing but everything. Everyone can join the party. Hyjinx Matters. Goodtimes are better. Life’s better happy. Where ever we end up the Felixx continues. #noRules #keepingRespect #letlive #havefun #homies4life #familyforever✌?️

” FELIxx Vol. 0.5 “
Made all from an iPhone on the iMovie app, and is recycled clips for a sample of how this series will be. Could be one thing, could be two, or could just some funny ass shit. Can’t wait to make more!