Fait Accompli

Posted by: justin on November 15, 2018    Categories: Videos

Desiree Melancon and Marc O’Malley put together a solid flick. Unique in all ways which is rare these days. Some solid clips from everyone involved! Desiree was gonna call this project Poetic Jibstice, but she changed it last minute to Fait Accompli.

A journey through poetry, imagery, and snowboarding into personal thoughts and recollections of the 2018 winter in an attempt to catalogue experiences, people, and places in a navigation of fate.

Fait Accompli.

A short film produced, created, and directed by Desiree Melancon and Marc O’Malley.

Made possible by Salomon and ThirtyTwo.

Louif Paradis
Desiree Melancon
Jeff Holce
Jill Perkins
Toni Kerkela
Daniel “Vinny” Vinzant
Colin Wilson
Jack Harris
Sam Taxwood
Justin Kenistion
Lucio DM
Parker Duke
Nirvana Ortanez
Ted Borland
Spence Schubert

Filmed and edited by Marc O’Malley.

Animated, written and narrated by Desiree Melancon.

Additional narration and illustrations by Estee Preda.

Additional filming by Desiree Melancon, Colton Morgan, Ted Borland, Marco Jhonny Morandi, Jerm, Brandon Reis, Jeff Holce, Alex Pfeffer, and Ethan Deiss.

Script revisions by Meghan McCarthy and Mark Benz.