Dragon Tour Best Of!

Posted by: justin on December 31, 2013    Categories: Videos

The best of edit is fire! WATCH IT NOW! You will enjoy it

The #WeAreFrameless Tour is all about seeing the value in the moment.

Over the course of this past month there have been late night urban missions, stormy pow days, park laps with the homies, long drives in the van and laughs… lots and lots of laughs. It’s the best thing about snowboarding. It brings people together in an environment where happiness is abundant. It’s going to be a great season.

If you haven’t seen the the previous #WeAreFrameless Tour videos take a moment and get caught up as the team went all out for your viewing pleasure. From Utah into the heart of the NW. Four stops, five edits and a whole lot of good times along the way.

Riders In Order Of Appearance:
Spencer Schubert
Jordan Small
Brady Lem
Mark Wilson
Max Warbington
Gus Warbington
Blake Paul
Tommy Gesme

Filmed By:
Colton Feldman
Rob Balding
Kyle Martin

Edited By:
Colton Feldman