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Posted 31 Oct 2010

House of 1817 The Movie

October 31, 2010
No sponsors, No budget, No bullshit. Just Friends Snowboarding. Complete with busted bro-cams, HD hammers, your favorite pros, and people you’ve never heard of and don’t care about. This is our movie. Welcome to the House of 1817. Continue »
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Posted 31 Oct 2010

Bone Zone Quick Fix

October 31, 2010
Mike Mo and Club BoYA have been dropping some edits lately! Some VG guys in this one, Justin Bennee, Chris Grenier and Johnny Miller, along with Ted Borland, Chris Brewster, Scott Stevens, Scotty Arnold, and Johnny Brady. Continue »
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Posted 26 Oct 2010

K2 Team Edit

October 26, 2010
K2 is taking footage from last year and putting it together in a team video. Lots of “Bon Voyage” clips in there from Jordan and Dirks. Good stuff! Continue »