Bobines – Tony 16mm Mt. Hood Edit

Posted by: justin on November 02, 2017    Categories: Videos

Anthony aka Tony is the youngest VG filmer we have had the honor of working with. He’s a hard working¬†butt-tabernacer from Quebec, loves gas station hot dogs, has the artistic touch of a frenchman, and can ride his snowboard better than most. He came out to the VG session at HCSC this summer and clicked up with the Adidas crew to burn some 16mm and put together a tasty little edit for your viewing pleasure.¬†

Last July, I took the impulsive decision to set up a bed in my van and drive coast to coast to go snowboarding at Mt. Hood. When I got to Oregon I ended up spending a week with the Adidas snowboarding team and made a little something.

Riders : Tommy Gesme, Forest Bailey, Cooper Whittier, Alex Sherman, Craig Cameron, Ben Bilodeau, Jacob Tokyo Krugmire, Derrek Lever and Louis-Felix Paradis.

Artwork : Maryann Kerr-Dupuis