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The white rabbit, the dragon, the ring, the beam. This rail has haunted Joe’s world for over 10 years now. Since first laying eyes on it as a joke shot in the Bon Voyage teaser back in 2009, Joe has been committed to taking this one down. He first got to see it in person in 2013, although he never put the board to the steel that year. It wouldn’t be until 2015 while filming for Thirtytwo’s “2032” that he finally put it up and that is when the drug of a rail really began to call to him in his sleep. With a few attempts that year Joe left defeated as his sickness grew stronger. Years would pass before Joe could return in a Gollum-esque quest for the ring he came to the rail with the first chance of snow. After yet another solid day of physical and emotional abuse the rail won again. He then calmly collected himself and rest for an entire week only to return for a 4th day and drive that beast straight through the gates of Mordor.

video by:
Justin Meyer, Sam Fenton

edited by:
Justin Meyer

music by:
J Bennee

Special thanks goes out to everyone who sacrificed their days to assist Joe in this quest:

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